Image story
  • Cryo-SEM of in situ assembling nanoparticles on a cell surface

    We have demonstrated thatasmall molecule probe, can be triggered by ALP expressed on HeLa cell surfacen, to form spherical nanoparticles anchored on the cell surface via a in situ self-assembly proces...

  • Photoacoustic Imaging

    With a Caspase-3 activatable photoacoustic imaging probe, the drug-induced tumor apoptosiscould be detected and located within a whole tumor in a living mouse. Imaginelike Wu Kongs fire eyes. More sto...

  • Electrochromatic Materials

    As shown in a, EM12+can accept two electrons from H2S, and converts into EM 2. The UV-Vis absorption ofEM12+islocated above 500 nm, while upon reduction byH2S, it is located below 500 nm. A distinct c...

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