Specific research topics of current interest include (but not limited to):

The general research field is supramolecular chemistry and smart materials. The current research interests on the supramolecular system of molecular devices cover from the molecular macrocycles and cages to topological molecules, to the supramolecular polymers:

1) Design and synthesis of macrocycle and molecular cages for molecular recognition and supramolecular catalysts; 
2) Molecular devices, especially focus on the molecular rotor, molecular gyroscopes, dynamic molecular rotaxanes and catenanes; The non-covalent bonded catenane was the first one interlocked by multiple hydrogen bonding interaction instead of metal-ligand interaction from our hand;
3) The creation of advanced supramolecular polymers constructed by orthogonal self-assembly. These artificially designed materials can be potentially applied as the smart materials in multiple specific areas. 
The project will continue the previously established results and further explore new possibilities for supramolecular smart materials, as well as their applications as the artificial intelligent materials.