We are committed to the development of efficient strategy to construct novel organometallic molecules with unusual structures and chemical reactivity. Our research interests span a wide range of coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, organic synthesis, and small molecule activation. Current projects mainly focus on: i) the chemistry of f-block metal (such as Ce, Nd, and U) complexes with metal-ligand multiple bond; ii) d-f heterometallic molecular clusters with direct metal-metal bond; iii) the main group elements (P, B, and Al) imitate metal catalysts in organic synthesis; and iv) small molecule activation promoted by organometallics.

i) Organometallic chemistry
ii) d-f heterometallic cluster
iii) Phosphorus catalyst
iv) Small molecule activation (CO2, N2, H2, CO etc.)

Prof. Gernot Frenking @ Philipps-Universität Marburg
Prof. Laurent Maron @ Université Paul Sabatier
Prof. Jun Zhu @ Xiamen University
Prof. Lili Zhao @ Nanjing Tech University
Prof. Guixiang Zeng @ Nanjing University





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