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Yao Zhu-Jun (姚祝军)


姚祝军 教授:

1996年9月至1999年9月,在美国国立卫生研究院(NIH)任博士后 、访问研究员(NIH Fogarty International Visiting Fellowship)。
2008年9月,受聘于南京大学化学化工学院,担任教授、博士生导师、微结构国家实验室(筹)课题组长; 唐仲英特聘教授(2009),首批南京大学特聘教授(2011)。



Prof. Zhu-Jun Yao received his Bachelor degree with honors from Fudan University in 1990, and obtained his Ph.D. degree from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC), Chinese academy of Sciences (CAS) under supervision of Prof. Yu-Lin Wu in July 1995. He joined NIH as an NIH Fogarty International Visiting Fellow at National Cancer Institute (USA) in 1996, and worked in signal transduction with Dr. T. R. Burke, Jr. for three years. Dr. Yao was recruited as a faculty member at SIOC in September 1999, and immediately appointed as a full Professor and Principle Investigator in November 1999. In September 2008, Dr. Yao moved to Nanjing University School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and serves at Nanjing National Laboratory of Microstructures as a Cyrus Tang Professor. He was appointed as the Chief of Organic Chemistry Division at School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in March 2011 and a NJU Distinguished Professor in December 2011.

Prof. Yao has received quite a number of awards from the academic societies. He was a recipient of NSFC Outstanding Youth Grant, and selected into CAS Hundred Talent Program and Leading Talents of Shanghai Municipal. He has authored and co-authored more than 150 research papers in the peer-reviewed journals and over 20 patents, 4 books and 15 chapters. Recent awards also include the Natural Science Prize of CAS (the Second Class), CCS-BASF Youth Innovation Award, Thieme Chemistry Journal Award, SciFinder-CCS Award for Creative Work in Organic Synthesis, and Eli Lilly Scientific Excellence Award in Chemistry (ELSEA) etc.

Prof. Yao once served as a National Representative (China-Beijing) in the International Union of Applied and Pure Chemistry (2008-2011), and a coordinator of Asia Core Program (China-Beijing, 2005-2012). Currently, he is a council member of Chinese Chemical Society (CCS) and Vice Chairman of CCS Division of Chemical Biology, a member of NSFC Supervision Committee and Specialist Committee of NSFC Chemistry Department, as well as Editorial Broad member or Editorial Advisory Broad member of 9 research journals.



Office E515, Lab B505 511 512, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
State Key Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry and Nanjing National Laboratory of Microstructures,  Nanjing University, 163 Xianlin Avenue Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-25-89683732 E-mail:

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