Carboranes (C2B10H12) are a type of polyhedral carbon and boron cluster compounds, which have displayed unique and fascinating properties in various fields. Our research presently covers the following topics:

1.Selective cage B-H activation: Caboranes have potential applications in BNCT, function materials, and supramolecular chemistry. However, regioselective functionalization of carboranes has been great challenge for years. In view of the key roles of chelating groups in C-H activation, we will design suitable directing groups for the functionalization of carboranes via cage B-H activation.

2.Luminescent carborane-backbones: This project seeks for novel luminescent molecules, where a carborane skeleton is incorporated and investigated for tuning luminescence.

3.Phosphorescent bio-probes: We have developed novel phosphorescent iridium(III) complexes that bear substituted closo-carborane/nido-carboranyl units. These complexes show enhanced and tunable emission properties, long lifetime, and high phosphorescence efficiency, which have been successfully applied in cell imaging.

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