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    In the 20th century the art and science of complex natural product total synthesis defined the frontiers of organic chemistry. In this century total synthesis of natural products is still the center of organic chemistry. Therefore the research interest of our group focuses on synthesis of biologically active complex natural products in concert with the discovery and the development of new reactions and strategies for organic synthesis.

    The research paradigm of our group can be described as the carton. Architecturally complex natural products are chosen not only for their sheer complexity, which drives us to develop new techniques and strategies to achieve their total synthesis, but also for their interesting biological activity, which provides us an opportunity to figure out biological mechanism behind these molecules.



    Another major task of our research group is training next generation chemists. Organic synthesis is an excellent training platform for young chemists. Creative students are one of major starting materials of research cycle. As they enter the cycle, they start to learn how to ask questions and then solve problems. At the end of the cycle, they will turn out to be qualified next generation chemists and be ready to start the cycles of their own.



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