Shared Instruments(State Key Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry)

Name: Scanning Probe Microscopy
Technical Indicators: Scanning Range: 125×125×5 μm;
Noise level: <0.3A

Name: Vaccum Fourier-transform Infrared Spectrometer
Technical Indicators: Measuring Range: 8000~350 wavenumber;
Resolution: 0.2 wavenumber


Name: Bruker FT-IR Spectrometer TENSOR27
Technical Indicators: Measuring Range: 4000~400cm-1;
Resolution: 4cm-1

Name: SHIMADZU UV Spectrometer 1800 (Temperature Control Accessory S1700)
Technical Indicators: Measuring Range: 1000~190nm;
Resolution: 1nm;
Programmable Temperature Range:0-110℃;

Name: Power Adjustable Microwave Reactor - CEM DISCOVER-S
Technical Indicators: Temperature: 50 - 300 °C;
Pressure range: Atmospheric-21 bar;
Power range: 0-300 W at 2.45 MHz;
Agitation: Magnetic stirrer

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