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Qun-Dong Shen, Professor of Chemistry

Welcome to The Shen Research Group in School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Nanjing University.

Research Interests

Ferroelectric polymer as bio-inspired photodetector for artificial retina. Photo-isomerization of a dye embedded the ferroelectric membrane leads to polarization change under visible light. High sensitivity, color recognition, transient response, 3D visual detection, and high resolution can be achieved in photodetector array. The signal is readily transmitted to neuron.  Adv Mater


Ferroelectric polymer free-standing nano-dot arrays with ultrahigh data storage densityfabricated using nano-imprinting. Nanometer electronic features can be written directly in two dimensions using piezoresponse force microscopy probe based technology.  Adv Funct Mater


A wearable transducer for non-invasive and dynamic diagnosis of cardiovascular systemby ferroelectric polymer. The transducer has low power consumption and is applicable to remote detecting warning signals of heart attacks and assessing efficiency of heart drugs.  Adv Funct Mater


Conjugated polymers as bright fluorescent labels for imaging of biological cells and tissues.Based on the fluorescence signal modulation of the polymers in response to the analytes, it has driven interest in high-sensitive and rapid-response fluorescence biosensors.  Angew Chem


Light-activated conjugated polymer hypoxia-responsive drug-delivery vehicle.This nanocarrier can be activated by photo-irradiation, producing singlet oxygen (1O2) and inducing hypoxia to promote release of its cargo inside tumor cells for enhanced anticancer efficacy.  Adv Mater



News & Events

  • Chenggen Qian's two papers were listed as Highly Cited Papers by ESI.

  • Xin Chen's article was selected as hot paper of Advanced Electronic Materials.

  • Xin Chen was awarded outstanding graduate thesis of Jiangsu Province.

  • Chenggen Qian was awarded outstanding doctoral thesis of Nanjing University.

  • Chenggen Qian received Wenruo Jiang Scholarship.

  • Xu Han and Xin Chen won National Scholarship for Graduate Students.

  • Chenggen Qian was selected as excellent graduate students.

  • Yuqi Zhang's and Qifeng Jiang's were awarded excellent undergraduate thesis of Nanjing University.

  • Qifeng Jiang and Xu Han received Chemistry Experiment Award.

  • Our project was supported by Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation.

  • Peijian Feng's project was funded by Innovative Research Program of Jiangsu Province.

  • Prof. Zhen Gu, our former group member, was awarded Sloan Research Fellowships in chemistry.

  • Peijian Feng, Zhaoxi Cheng and Chenggen Qian received Award of International Academic Exchange.

  • Shen gave a talk at Young Scientist Forum of China Association for Science and Technology.

  • Shen presented at Joint Symposium on Polymer held by Peking University, Nanjing University, and University of Science and Technology of China.

  • Mei Dong gave oral presentation during the meeting organized by Polymer Division of Chinese Chemical Society.

  • Shen attended the editorial board meeting of the journal IET Nanodielectric.

  • Shen was invited to give talk during Chinese Physical Society Fall Meeting.

  • Shen gave talks on CCS congress.

  • Shen was invited to present on Nanjing-Sydney Joint Symposium.

  • Chenggen Qian won best poster award on CCS Congress.

  • Our project was exhibited on 19th session China International Industrial Fair.

  • Our project was shown on 2017 Cooperation Symposium for Top University and Institutes, Jiangsu China.

  • Dr. Ni and Jin from DuPont China visited our lab.

  • Prof. Zhen Gu from NCSU/UNC was invited to present his work.

  • Prof. Zhiqun Lin from Georgia Institute of Technology was invited to give a talk.

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