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Chemical Journal

Accounts of Chemical Research |ASAP

Advanced Materials

Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Chemical Communications |Current Issue

Chemical Reviews |ASAP

Chemical Science |Current Issue

Chemical Society Reviews |Current Issue

Chemistry - A European Journal

Journal of the American Chemical Society |ASAP



Nature Chemistry

Organic Letters |ASAP


Science |Current Issue

Small|Current Issue

Soft Matter|Current Issue

Synlett|Current Issue

Tetrahedron|Current Issue

Tetrahedron Letters|Current Issue

The Journal of Organic Chemistry |ASAP

If you cannot find the journal you are looking for in this list, please visit the website of the Library of Nanjing Universityfor a very comprehensive collection of links to other chemistry journals.

Chinese Journal

Chinese Chemistry,Organic Chemistry,

Chemical Letters

Chinese Chemical Letters

Chinese Science B: Chemistry

Miscellaneous Chemistry Links

**NEW** -The Sceptical Chymist

A brilliant blog by the editors of Nature and the Research journals

Material Safety Data Sheets

Organic Syntheses

SDBS NMR Database (Japan)

National Library

Chemistry Websites NEW!

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