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1.  Xiaoyan Yang, Ye Zhang, Lin Xu, Zheng Zhai, Mingzhen Li, Meng Li, Xiaolin Liu and Wenhua Hou*, “Surfactant-free sacrificial template synthesis of submicrometer-sized YVO4:Eu3+ hierarchical hollow spheres with tunable textual parameters and luminescent properties”, Dalton Trans., 42, 3986~3993(2013).

2.  Xiaoyan Yang, Lin Xu, Zheng Zhai, Fangfang Cheng, Zhenzhen Yan, Xiaomiao Feng, Junjie Zhu, and Wenhua Hou*, “Submicrometer-Sized Hierarchical Hollow Spheres of Heavy Lanthanide Orthovanadates: Sacrificial Template Synthesis, Formation Mechanism, and Luminescent Properties”, Langmuir, 29, 15992~16001(2013).

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4.  Xiaolin Liu, Wenhua Hou,* Xiaoyan Yang and Qingming Shen, “Pure-phase La2(WO4)3:Eu3+ nanocrystals and spindle-like NaLa(WO4)2:Yb3+/Er3+ nano/microcrystals: selective synthesis, morphologies and photoluminescent properties”, Dalton Trans., 42, 11445~11454(2013).

5.  Xiaomiao Feng*, Zhenzhen Yan, Ruimei Li, Xingfen Liu, Wenhua Hou*, “The synthesis of shape-controlled polypyrrole/graphene and the study of its capacitance properties”, Polym. Bull., 70, 2291~2304(2013).

6.  Xiaomiao Feng*, Zhenzhen Yan, Ningna Chen, Yu Zhang, Xingfen Liu,Yanwen Ma, Xiaoyan Yang and Wenhua Hou*, “Synthesis of a graphene/polyaniline/MCM-41 nanocomposite and its application as a supercapacitor”, New J. Chem., 37, 2203~2209(2013).

7.  Xiaomiao Feng*, Yu Zhang, Zhenzhen Yan, Ningna Chen, Yanwen Ma, Xingfen Liu, Xiaoyan Yang and Wenhua Hou*, “Self-degradable template synthesis of polyaniline nanotubes and their high performance in the detection of dopamine”, J. Mater. Chem.A, 1, 9775~9780(2013).

8.  Lihong Zhang, Chenhui Hu, Junfeng Zhang, Liyuan Cheng, Zheng Zhai,Jing Chen, Weiping Ding and Wenhua Hou*, “Sulfur and iron co-doped titanoniobate nanosheets: a novel efficient solid acid catalyst for alcoholysis of styrene epoxide at room temperature”, Chem. Commun.,49, 7507~7509(2013).

9.  Lihong Zhang, Chenhui Hu, Liyuan Cheng, Weiping Ding, Wenhua Hou*, Jing Chen*, “S-doped HTiNbO5 nanosheets: A novel efficient visible-light photocatalyst”, Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 34, 2089~2097(2013).

10.  李猛,胡晨晖,江春涛,杨惠,陈才,侯文华,陈静*,“通过接枝苄基磺酸在MCM41  上固载手性Mn(salen)配合物”,无机化学学报29(11), 2339~2346(2013)


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