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1.  Chao Liu, Liang Wu, Jing Chen*, Ji-yuan Liang, Chang-shun Li, Hong-mei Ji, Wen-hua Hou*,

     “Nanocomposite of polyaniline and nitrogen-doped layered HTiNbOwith an excellent visible-

     light photocatalytic performance”, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.16, 13409~13417(2014).

2.  Xiaolin Liu, Wenxu Ji, Jiyuan Liang, Luming Peng and Wenhua Hou*, “MoO2@carbon hollow

     microspheres with tunable interiors and improved lithium-ion battery anode properties”, Phys.

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3.  Chenhui Hua, Lihong Zhang, Junfeng Zhang, Liyuan Cheng, Zheng Zhai, Jing Chen, Wenhua 

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4.  Xiaolin Liu, Wenhua Hou*, Xiaoyan Yang and Jiyuan Liang, “Morphology controllable

     synthesis of NaLa(WO4)2: the morphology dependent photoluminescent properties and single-

     phased white light emission of NaLa(WO4)2:Eu3+/Tb3+/Tm3+”, CrystEngComm., 16,


5.  Lin Xu, Xiaoyan Yang, Haimeng Lu, Chenhui Hu and Wenhua Hou*, “NaY(MoO4)2

     microcrystals with controlled faceting and their tunable photoluminescence properties after

     doping with Eu3+”, RSC Adv., 4, 13502~13508(2014).

6.  Chenhui Hu, Lihong Zhang, Liyuan Cheng, Jing Chen*, Wenhua Hou*, Weiping Ding, “A

     comparison of H+-restacked nanosheets and nanoscrolls derived from K4Nb6O17 for visible-light

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7.   张丽宏、胡晨晖、张俊峰、程立媛、侯文华、陈静, “铁掺杂HTiNbO5纳米片及其催

      化环氧苯乙烷醇解的性能无机化学学报30(8), 1813~1820(2014).


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