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Congratulations on the acception of Zixuan Chen’s paper by JACS!

发表时间:2015-03-24 阅读次数:672

       This article describes a multimodified core–shell gold@silver nanoprobe for real-time monitoring the entire autophagy process at single-cell level. Autophagy is vital for understanding the mechanisms of human pathologies, developing novel drugs, and exploring approaches for autophagy controlling. A major challenge for autophagy study lies in real-time monitoring. One solution might come from real-time detection of in situ superoxide radicals (O2•–), because it is the main regulator of autophagy. In this work, our proposed nanoprobes were etched by O2•– and gave a notable wavelength change in the plasmon resonance scattering spectra. Both the experimental and simulated results suggested the wavelength change rate correlated well with O2•– level. This response enabled its application in real-time in situ quantification of O2•– during autophagy course. More importantly, with the introduction of “relay probe” operation, two types of O2•–-regulating autophagy processes were successfully traced from the beginning to the end, and the possible mechanism was also proposed.