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Journal Articles (*The correspondence authors.)

99. Wang, T.; Li, X.-H.; Luo, R.-Q.; He, Y.-C.; Maeda, S.; Shen, Q.-D.;* Hu, W.-B.* Effects of amide comonomers on polyamide 6 crystallization kinetics. Thermothimica Acta 690, 178667(2020). Journal link

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81. Cai, J.; Luo, R.; Lv, R.-H.; He, Y.-C.; Zhou, D.-S.; Hu, W.-B.* Crystallization kinetics of ethylene-co-propylene rubber/isotactic polypropylene blend investigated via chip-calorimeter measurement. European Polymer J 96, 79-86(2017). Journal link

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61. Wang, J.; Li, Z.-L.; Pérez, R. A.; Müller, A. J.; Zhang, B.; Grayson, S. M.; Hu, W.-B.* Comparing crystallization rates between linear and cyclic poly(epsilon-caprolactones) via fast-scan chip-calorimeter measurementsPolymer 63, 34-40(2015). Journal Link

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Reviews and Book Chapters

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Book written

Wenbing Hu, Polymer Physics: A Molecular ApproachSpringer-Verlag, Wien, 2013

Link to Springer

This book provides a molecular view on the fundamental issues in polymer physics with the aim of meeting the needs of students on chemistry, chemical engineering, condensed matter physics, and material science courses. It has already proved to be an extremely effective learning resource, and in this updated English version, the author, a renowned Chinese chemist, covers the most recent developments in the field. The subject is presented concisely and efficiently, ensuring that the book will be particularly suitable for teaching or learning polymer physics in settings where time is limited. At the same time, no sacrifices have been made with regard to the scope of the coverage, which is appropriately extensive.

Table of Content


Chain Structure: Structure-Property Relationships.-Conformation Statistics and Entropic Elasticity.-Scaling Analysis of Real-Chain Conformations.

Chain Motion: Scaling Analysis of Polymer Dynamics.-Polymer Deformation.- Polymer Flow.

Chain Assembly: Statistical Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions.- Polymer Phase Separation.- Polymer Crystallization.- Interplay Between Phase Separation and Polymer Crystallization.

Wenbing Hu, Introduction to Polymer Physics (in Chinese), Science Press, Beijing, 2011.

Wenbing Hu, Principles of Polymer Crystallization (in Chinese), Chemical Industry Press, Beijing, 2013

Book edited

Series in Soft Condensed Matter - Vol. 3 Published by World Scientific, 2010

Understanding Soft Condensed Matter via Modeling and Computation

edited by Wenbing Hu (Nanjing UniversityChina) & An-Chang Shi (McMaster UniversityCanada)



Foreword v D. Andelman, G. Reiter

Preface vii W. Hu, A.-C. Shi

Introduction. Role of Modeling in Soft Matter Physics 1 D. Frenkel

1. Applications of Density Functional Theory in Soft Condensed Matter 9 H. Löwen

2. Polymer Phase Separation 47 M. Müller

3. Self-Consistent Field Theory of Block Copolymers 85 F. Qiu, A.-C. Shi and Y. Yang

4. Dynamic Self-Consistent Field Theories for Polymer Blends and Block Copolymers 105 T. Kawakatsu

5. Molecular Dynamics in Crystallization of Helical Polymers: Crystal Ordering and Chirality Selection 133 T. Yamamoto

6. Interplay of Liquid-Liquid Demixing and Polymer Crystallization 179 W. Hu

7. Elucidation of Single Molecular Observation of a Giant DNA 207 C.-Y. Shew and K. Yoshikawa

8. Theoretical Modeling of Hydrogen Bonding in Macromolecular Solutions: The Combination of Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Mechanics 237 J. Ma, N. Jiang and H. Li

9. Exotic Electrostatics: Unusual Features of Electrostatic Interactions between Macroions 265 A. Naji, M. Kanduč, R. R. Netz and R. Podgornik

10. Computer Modeling of Liquid Crystals 297 R. Hashim

11. Drop Dynamics in Complex Fluids 339 J. J. Feng, X. Chen, P. Yue and C. Zhou


New book series Soft and Biological Matter at Springer

Book translated

Gert Strobl, The Physics of Polymers: Concepts for understanding their structures and behavior. 3rd edition, Springer, 2007.

Translated into Chinese by Wenbing Hu, Shichun Jiang, Yongfeng Men and Dujin Wang. Science Press, Beijing, 2009.


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