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Hongbin Du

Professor of Chemistry
State Key Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Nanjing University
Nanjing, 210093

Email: hbdu(at)nju.edu.cn
Office: Chemistry Building C505; Tel: 025-89686581
Lab:  Chemistry Building A507; Tel: 025-89686716

My research is rooted in synthetic inorganic chemistry, focusing on porous materials of importance in adsorption, separation, catalysis, opto-electronic materials, and energy storage. We approach these materials by using templating synthesis methods under the guidance of modern computational chemistry. During the process, we aim to understand the driving force for the self-assembly of structure-building units and the crystallization of porous materials. In the long run, my objective is to prepare new materials with desired structure and properties by using the so-called 'molecular engineering' approach. 

Our current research projects include:

  1. Design and synthesis of novel microporous inorganic crystals with specific pore channels (e.g. chirality, multi-dimension, extra-large size);

  2. Ordered porous semiconductors and ionic conductors that have potential applications in energy storage (lithium ion battery, supercapacitor, thermoelectric, etc.);

  3. Porous coordination polymers and crystalline organic open-frameworks with multi-functional properties such as molecular switch and chemical sensing.

In addition, we are interested in multi-dimensional supramolecular materials with charge transfer and host-guest properties, particularly those consisting of functional models of enzyme and chlorophyll for biomimetics.

Our on-going projects are financially supported by the Major State Basic Research Development Program from the State Ministry of Science and Technology (973 program ), and National Natural Science Foundation of China. We sincerely invite talented postdocs, graduates and undergraduate students to join our research group to discover new compounds and chemistry!

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