• Jin Xie

    Associate Professor, PhD

       School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

       Nanjing University

     Address163 Xianlin Avenue, Nanjing 210023

    Office: D508

    Tel: 025-89681722

    LabsG523, F511


Total publications: 57

Total citations: 3653

H-index: 32

Average citations per article: 64.09

  • August,2018
  • June,2020
    Our paper titled Upgrading Ketone Synthesis Direct from Carboxylic Acids and Organohalides has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications. Congratulations to Guli and Kai.
  • June,2020
    Our invited review titled Recent Advances of Dinuclear Nickel- and Palladium-Complexes in Homogeneous Catalysis has been accepted for publication in Chemical Communications.Congratulations to Wentao.
  • April,2020
    Our invited preview titled Tertiary Amine Synthesis by Radical Carbonyl Alkylative Amination has been accepted for publication in Chem.Congratulations to Dr. Jian Han.
  • April,2020
    Our paper titled Photoredox Controlled β-Regioselective Radical Hydroboration of Activated Alkenes with NHC-Boranes has been accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie.Congratulations to Congjun.
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