Recent Research:

Research interests are focused on the functional coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry, including molecular conductors and molecular wires, multifunctional molecular materials relating to information storage, molecular nanomagnets (single molecule magnets and single chain magnets) and spin-based molecular electronics, nitrogenase and the mechanism for the activation of nitrogen-molecule.


(1) single-molecule magnets and single-chain magnets based on organic-ligand capped tricyano- or tetracyanometalates, which may have applications in high-density information storage, quantum computing, or spin-based molecular electronics. 




(2) Molecular conductors and molecular wires.






(3) Multifunctional materials, such as molecular ferromagnetic semiconductor or conductors, based on the precursors of new versatile ligands with highly delocalized sulfur-rich core.




(4) Chemical studies on metal complexes for multifunctional molecular materials, such as chiral molecular magnets and multiferroic materials.


(5) Magnetic NPs Based Organic Spintronics: Our research focused on the understanding of the transport behaviors between the magnetic NP surfaces with TTF ligands as intermedium layers.


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