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1. 碳量子点的温和合成;
2. 碳量子点的发光调控;
3. 碳量子点的双光子荧光及生物成像研究;
4. 碳量子点的长余辉发光研究。


Research Interests

Covalent organic frameworks (COFs), an emerging class of crystalline porous materials, are constructed by incorporating organic building blocks into predetermined networks through strong covalent bonds based on reticular chemistry. Featuring unique high crystalline and porosity, low density, excellent stability and predictable periodic channel structure, COFs are promising materials for application in gas storage and separation, liquid phase adsorption, energy storage and conversion, heterogeneous catalysis, sensors and drug delivery. We currently focus on constructing novel COFs with sophisticated topologies or functional groups, and exploring their applications in adsorption, separation, optics, electrics, etc. Meanwhile, we are also seeking facile and rapid ways to prepare crystallized COFs under mild condition.

Carbon quantum dots are a new class of carbon nanomaterials that have emerged recently and have garnered much interest as potential competitors to conventional semiconductor quantum dots. We currently focus on the rational design and synthesis of high performance (high quantum yield, small full width at half maxima) carbon quantum dots from aromatic amines, together with the study of their multi-mode photoluminescence behaviors and relative applications.

1.The mild synthesis of carbon quantum dots;

2.The tuning of photoluminescence properties of carbon quantum dots;

3.Two-photon fluorescence of carbon quantum dots and its application in bio-imaging;

4.Long afterglow of carbon quantum dots and its relative anti-fake applications.