Nikon Ti-E, home-built SPRM

Dual-deck design, Perfect Focus System, Motorized Stage, Total-internal reflection illuminator, Active Vibration Isolation System


Nikon Ti-U, home-built DFM

Coupled with spectrometer, EMCCD, super-continuum white laser and ATOF



Nikon Ti-E, home-built PTM

Two-objective design, Perfect Focus System, Total-internal reflection illuminator, Active Vibration Isolation System, Piezo-Stage







OLYMPUS IX83, commercial FLM

ZDC, TIRF, FRAP and RTC modules, EMCCD, used for single molecule/nanoparticle fluorescence imaging


1st generation home-built SPRM

manual TIRF illuminator, used for testing new designs.



OLYMPUS IX73, Commercial FLM

Used for training. 仅包含基本常规部件,主要用于拆解和组装,以培训学生。





NIKON TI-U, home-built SPRM

Total-internal reflection illuminator, Active
Vibration Isolation System, High-speed camera (up to 30 kfps)



Prism-based SPRI, home-built

With much larger field-of-view and improved stability due to LED light source, for single cell imaging


AXON Current Amplifier +
multichannel data acquisition




Agilent Cary Series UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  HITACHI F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer   Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS90






Overview of Imaging Lab (A203)

Chemical Bench (A201)

Chemical synthesis and sample preparation.


Student Lounges

Two rooms with a capacity for 16 students.





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