About us

We are committed to developing advanced optical microscopy for imaging chemical processes of single nanoparticles, single molecules and single cells. Particular interests are given to 1) microscopic electrochemistry - imaging electrochemical current optically; 2) nanocatalysis - operando watching electron transfer in single nanocatalysts and interrogating the functional heterogeneity among individuals; 3) nanobubbles and nanodroplets at solid-liquid interface; 4) single molecule detection and dynamics; and 5) intact cell-based drug screening. Active studies are based on the following optical techniques in our current toolbox, that are surface plasmon resonance microscopy for living cells and soft matter and dielectric nanomaterials, dark-field microscopy for plasmonic nanomaterials, fluorescence microscopy for fluorescent molecules and nanomaterials, and photothermal microscopy for light-absorbing nanomaterials.

The Chemical Imaging Lab, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University

Email: wei.wang@nju.edu.cn   Labs: A203 & A204    Office: D306

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