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南京大学化学化工学院超分子化学和智能材料实验室致力于多学科交叉研究工作需要,需招聘博士后2-3名,欢迎具 有电分析化学、高分子化学和物理、生物化学、物理化学、有机化学等背景的的博士毕业生加盟。关于南京大学博士后待遇,最低年薪为8万元,具体参考:http://postdoctors.nju.edu.cn/nju/ndjj.htm应聘者请通过电子邮件联系王乐勇教授lywang@nju.edu.cn,并附:

Join Us: Post Doctoral Fellow

Post doctoral fellows in the Lab for Supramolecular Chemistry and Smart Materials have the opportunity to either consider
their graduate work in a new setting or transition to a new field. The interest of our group now focuses on organic molecular device especially
rotaxane and catenane; molecular gyroscope; molecular capsule and self-assembly; calixarene and supramolcular chiral catalysis. We intend to branch into material and life-science with the core area of organic chemistry.
How to Apply
Interested candidates should email Professor Leyong Wang (
lywang@nju.edu.cn) with the following items:
1. Resume/CV
2. Brief description of previous research



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