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Leyong Wang (王乐勇)  Ph.D, Prof. of Organic & Materials Chemistry


2000年博士毕业,先后在中科院化学所、法国Bourgogne大学德国Mainz大学Erlangen-Nürnberg大学工作,2003年获得德国洪堡基金资助;2006年加入南京大学 化学化工学院;2013年当选英国皇家化学会会士 ( FRSC); 2014年获日本化学会"The Distinguished Lectureship Award" 2016年获台灣化學科技推動中心Lectureship。2014年出任Taylor & Francis 出版社 "Supramol. Chem." 编委; 2015年出任英国皇家化学会期刊RSC Adv.Associate editor ; 2017年任中国化学会Chinese Chem. Lett. 之Associate Editor.



Research fields:Orthogonal Self-assembly, Molecular Machines and Devices, Drug Delivery,  Dynamic Materials.



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  • (14 Aug 2017)课题组结束了暑假开始了新的学期,并于8月17号上午在化学楼E508以茶话会的形式组织了新学期的第一次组会,讨论了新学期的目标与方向。

  • (21 Jul 2017)课题组举行期末组会,对这个学期的工作进行总结与归纳;课题组进入暑假。

  • (7 Jul 2017) 我组胡晓玉副研究员从德国访学归来。

  • (7 Jun 2017) 南京市十三中学生来我组参观学习

  • (23 May 2017) 实验室成员姚琛灏、孙强、侯娜娜、高蕾顺利通过硕士论文答辩,祝贺他们从课题组毕业,同时也祝愿他们以后的人生一帆风顺、前程似锦。

  • (12 May 2017) Cleaning Day for our group today to welcome the Summer of 2017!

  • (12 May 2017) Warmly welcome Ms. Mona Almaghrabi, the Undergraduate students fromUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology(安大略理工大学) , as a visiting student to join our group from May to July, 2017. She has been staying in our lab. for three months.

  • (27 Apr. 2017) Prof. Leyong Wang was pleased to participate" The First C3 Symposium on Supramolecular Chemistry", from 16-18th , April 2017. at Xiamen Univ. and to deliver an invited lecture. XMU has a very beautiful campus and we really enjoy the fresh air here. Many thanks to our great host of Prof. Yunbao Jiang(江雲寶), Professor Xiaoyu Cao(曹曉宇), and Dr. Qian Wang (王茜)of Xiamen Univ..

  • (17 Apr. 2017) 王乐勇教授於2017413-14日,参加了在南開大學元素有机化学国家重点实验室举办的“2017全国有机超分子化学前沿研讨会並做邀請報告,感谢劉育教授,陳湧教授團隊的精心组织和热情款待。

  • (7 Apr. 2017) Prof. Leyong Wang, as the member of delegation, visited the Hague(海牙) and Leiden University, Netherlands from 28 March to 2 Apr. 2017. Really impressed the world class well-equipped New Chemical Building. Many thanks to our great host of NWO and Prof. Sylvestre Bonnet of Leiden University. We also meet and talk with several clever Chinese students and postdoctoral fellows here.

  • (10 Jul 2017) Tony D James (University of Bath); Title: Boronic Acids: Recognition, Sensing and Assembly; at: 10:30, 10 Jul 2017;  In Xianlin Chemcial Building E508 (News)

  • (22 May 2017) Robert Elmes (Department of Chemistry, Maynooth University); Title: Ratiometric Probes for Nitroreductase: Monitoring Reductive Stress in Mammalian Cells; at: 10:00, 22 May 2017;  In Xianlin Chemcial Building G211  (News) (Poster)

  • (7 May 2017) Prof. Tiow-Gan Ong (Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Nangang, Taipei, Department of Applied Chemistry, National ChiaoTung University, HsinChu, Taiwan, Republic of China); Title: Main Group Chemistry and Catalysis through Tinkering the Ligand Framework; at: 10:30, 8 May 2017;  In Xianlin Chemcial Building Auditorium H201  (News) (Poster)

  • (7 May 2017) Prof. Philip Gale (Head of the School of Chemistry ,the University of Sydney, Editor-in-Chief of Coordination Chemistry Reviews); Title: Selective in anion transport; at: 10:00, 8 May 2017;  In Xianlin Chemcial Building Auditorium H201 (News) (Poster)

  • Prof. Luisa De Cola (Department Institute de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (I.S.I.S.),University of Strasbourg, France and KIT, Germany); Title: Self-assembly for Imaging and Sensing; at: 15:00, 26 Apr 2017;  In Xianlin Chemcial Building Auditorium H201 (News) (Poster)

  • Prof. Michael D. Ward (Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, Sheffield S3 7HF, UK); Title: Self-assembed coordination cages: host-guest chemistry and functional behaviour; at: 14:00, 26 Apr 2017;  In Xianlin Chemcial Building Auditorium H201 (News) (Poster)

  • Prof. Nicolas Giuseppone (University of Strasbourg, Institut Universitaire de France (IUF)); Title:Triarylamines-based Supramolecular Polymers:Structures, Dynamics, Functions; At: 10:30, 17 Feb 2017; In Xianlin  Chemcial Building Auditorium G204 (News) (Poster)

  • Prof.Rafala Klajn (The Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Organic Chemistry, Israel); Title: Light-controlled supramolecular interactions between ligand-functionalized nanoparticles; At: 10:00, 8 Nov 2016 ; In Xianlin Chemcial Building Auditorium H201 (News) (Poster)




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