Electroactive Polymers Lab


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Group Members

Professor Qun-Dong Shen

Professional Experience

Nanjing University

Professor, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, 2010

Ph.D. Supervisor, Graduate School, 2010

Associate Professor, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, 2003


Postdoctoral, Department of Chemistry, University of Virginia

Ph.D., Nanjing University, Polymer Physics and Chemistry

B.Sc., Nanjing University, Polymer Materials

Graduate Students

Feng, Pei-Jian (PhD Candidate)

BS, Chemistry, Nanjing University

Keywords: drug delivery, fluorescence, neuron imaging


Liu, Jia-Hao (PhD Candidate)

Now as a visiting student at ETH Zurich

BS, Chemistry, Nanjing University

Keywords: ferroelectric polymer, memory, PFM, flexoelectricity


Dong, Mei (PhD Candidate)

MS, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Nanjing Medical University

BS, Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

Keywords: biochemistry and molecular biology, drug delivery, advanced materials, nano-systems


Xiao, Xuan-Zhong

BS, Chemistry, Nanjing University

Keywords: biotechnology, biochemistry, materials chemistry, photochemistry


Qi, Yu-Cong

BS, University of Science & Technology, Beijing

Keywords: nanomaterials, polymer blends, electroactive polymers


Undergraduate Students

Zhao, Jia-Cheng

Kuang Yaming Honors School (Chemistry & Biology), Nanjing University

Keywords: Nanobiochemistry, Polymer Chemistry


Yu, Zheng-Hang


Alumni (2003-2017)

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Bao, Hui-Min (PhD)

Associate Scientist, Henkel China

Chen, Cai-Yun (BS)

Chen, Jie (BS)

Chen, Xiang-Zhong (PhD)

Postdoc., ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Chen, Xin (BS, ME)

PhD Candidate, Pennsylvania State University

Chen, Ying-Xin (PhD)

Hangzhou Dianzi University

Chen, Yu-Lei (PhD)

Sanhome Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

Cheng, Zhao-Xi (ME, PhD)


Gao, Fei-Fei (BS)

Gong, Jia

Gu, Ke-Jun (MS)

Gu, Zhen (BS, MS)

Associate Prof., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Han, Xu (BS, MS)

Huang, Jun (BS)

Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

Ji, Yi-Chen (BS)

Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania

Jia, Cheng-Liang (MS)


Jiang, Qi-Feng (BS)

Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University

Li, Ming-Xuan (BS)

Nanjing PharmaBlock Sciences  Inc.

Liu, Lu (MS)

Liu, Yun (BS, MS)

Product Development Engineer, Henkel China


Qi, Lin-Xiang (BS)

PhD Candidate, IBP, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Qian, Cheng-Gen (PhD)

China Pharmaceutical University

Ren, Yao (MS)

Sha, Ruo-Chen

China Renren Education


Sheng, Han-Kang (BS)

Song, Heng (BS)

Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Song, Jiao-Fan (MS)

Sun, Bin (BS, MS)

Postdoc, University of Toronto, Canada


Tang, Huang (BS)

PhD Candidate, Nanjing University

Tang, Xin (BS, ME)

Sinochem International Corporation (Shanghai)

Tao, Cheng (BS)

Wang, Chang-Chun (PhD)

Associate Professor, Nanjing Institute of Technology


Wang, Jian (BS)

Wang, Jing-Wen (PhD)

Professor, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Wang, Ying (BS)

Wu, Jian-Li (BS)


Xia, Yu-Qiong (BS)

Lecturer, Xidian University

Yan, Qing (BS)

General Manager, China Fortune Land Development Co.

Yang, Jia

Yang, Yan (MS)


Yin, De-Zheng

Yu, Ji-Cheng (BS, MS)

PhD Candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Zhang, Chen

Zhang, Jian

Associate Prof., Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-Bionics


Zhang, Juan (MS)

Chengdu Documentation and Information Center, CAS

Zhang, Wei-Chao

Graduate Student, Nanjing University

Zhang, Yang (BS, MS)

Zhang, Yu-Qi (BS)

PhD Candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Zhu, Sha (BS, MS)


School of Chemistry    Nanjing University

Shen Group, School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University, 2011