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1. Can the year of the rooster bring good news in the year of the dog when it has achieved a little bit of dream?


2. Some value things come in small package. Princess Mononoke was playing on the SEM when the scope had been magnified to 500 times. Congratulations to Sha Yu who discovered the beauty of chemistry.


3. Microscope, microscope, every morning you greet me.

Black and white, clean and bright, you look happy to meet me. ... ...

Microscope, microscope, bless my research forever. 


4. In our group meeting, we cannot help but focusing and being lost in the excellent presentations, which is proved by the four members below.


5.  Safety first results in ladies last.  The laboratory protections with gentlemen courtesies make our group more healthy, wealthy, and wise.


6.  Baby I can see your halo; Pray it won't fade away; Hit me like a ray of sun; Burning through my darkest night.-------The dead HeLa cells was shining under the dark-field microscope.

7. Aggregated gold nanorods was shining in a drop of water under the dark-field microscope.

8. Tiny bubble arrays in the cell culture medium by the eyepiece in the microscope.

9. The group photo in the summer of 2016.